Jun 14 2022

NS Bikes x Czarna Góra bikepark

We have known each other for a while now. You know that we never take the easy way out and we do not accept compromises. That' s why we decided to become patrons of one of the largest and most modern bike parks in Poland. The Bike Park Czarna Góra - NS Bikes project has started!


The Czarna Góra Bike Park was ‘on our radar’ not without a reason. For the past few years, the venue has hosted Polish Championships in several different disciplines, and hundreds of professionals and amateurs regularly visit the local tracks. The place grows stronger every season, so we decided to do our best to make the spot grow further and we took the bike park under our patronage. We hope that over the next few years the place will grow in strength and that the team of riders who are involved in the creation of this amazing place will use NS Bikes machines for solid progression!


The Bike Park:
The Bike Park in Czarna Góra is one of the most modern places like this in Poland. There are two ski lifts and more than 12 ski slopes of various difficulty levels. There are flow lines, jumps, technical singles for enduro bikes and, of course, a very demanding cup route, where the Polish Championships in downhill are held every year. Additionally, the venue owners have added a skills park for basic skills training and a kids arena suitable for the youngest children’s bikes!
Here you can experience every aspect of gravity cycling - from fun on moguls and corners to the 'fight for life' on trails with rocks the size of TVs. If we were to recommend a place where you can test your skills and see what ‘cycling gravity’ actually is, we would choose Czarna Góra!


Speaking of rentals... If you are just starting out on your gravity adventure, make sure to come to Czarna Góra. Apart from a great bikepark with tracks at various levels of advancement, you will also find everything that every beginner needs: the best bikes from the NS Bikes, helmets and protectors of top brands in perfect condition and support from experienced instructors from the ABC Arek Bike Center team. Take our word for it - it’s a complete set that will get you to your first downhills safely and with a smile on your face. After all, the Godziek brothers, Maja Włoszczowska and the aforementioned riders trained by Arkadiusz Perin use such equipment!


Team and training:
Besides the bikes, the aforementioned instructors from the ABC team are waiting for you on site. The team founder is multiple Polish Downhill Championships medallist Arek Perin, who still competes in the Masters category, and when he's not riding his bike, he’s probably sitting in an excavator building more routes in the bike park.
Honestly, it’s hard to find a guy with more experience when it comes to training riders. For years he's been training with Maja Włoszczowska, as her ‘downhill coach,’ and last season he even published a book in which he described in details all aspects of cycling technique. The other members of the team are alumni of the ‘old school,’ multiple medallists of the most important competitions, experienced instructors, riders who can boast of their great skills and awesome style. As you can see for yourself, these people have the credentials to do it all and as you can easily guess, they all ride NS BIKES!