Apr 1 2022

Maja Wloszczowska joins NS

We are delighted to welcome Polish cross-country mountain bike legend, Maja Włoszczowska, to NS Bikes. After two decades as one of the World’s best riders, 2022 marks the first year of Maja’s retirement from professional racing.

“For me it’s actually the beginning. Now I can ride whenever I want, wherever I want, however I want on which bike I want”,
she says. We are extremely proud to say that that bike is an NS."



With two Olympic medals, World Championship titles, World Cup wins and more Polish National Championship titles than we have fingers for, Maja comes with an impressive collection of medals and an even greater bank of experience. Maja has been a leading force in Polish mountain biking and established herself as one of the very best in the World, just as NS bikes has and continues to do. The connection is clear.
Beyond the more obvious similarities between Maja and NS lies the backbone of pure performance spirit. NS Bikes stands for a no-nonsense approach that cuts the crap and cracks on. As a truly world-class athlete, Maja is also used to letting her riding do the talking. There’s no time for excuses when titles are on the line. You have to be bold, take risks, commit with passion and conviction, and carve a space for yourself that demands the respect of your peers. NS Bikes follows the same approach.
During twenty-four years as a professional rider, Maja has ridden many brands in a huge variety of places and over a period of extraordinary change in bicycle technology.  She has been at the sharp end of racing and therefore the cutting edge of technology; she is accustomed to testing the latest technologies and expecting the best from her equipment. We don’t expect this to change, and we are stoked that as an ambassador for NS Bikes she can continue to ride the crest of the industry wave.



Whilst the pure XC racing pedigree of the Synonym is an obvious match for Maja, with retirement comes a shift in goals. Fast is always important, but now fun plays a more prominent role. Here our paths certainly do not separate. Less time training means more time for descending! Big bikes for big days in the mountains is the dream of a retired XC racer, and this newfound freedom to explore more technical trails (with more travel!) tallies nicely with the Define. We can’t wait to see Maja climbing hard, shredding harder and being more stoked than ever to ride these bikes.
Beyond racing bikes, Maja is well-loved and well-respected, and an incredible ambassador for cycling. Her role as an International Olympic Committee member is testament to this. So too the warm welcome she receives wherever she goes.


At NS, Maja stays true to her racing roots, quest for betterment, drive to achieve and commitment to the sport. We are delighted to welcome her to the family!