Jan 25 2022

George Brannigan joins NS Bikes UR Team

With a ton of talent, experience and commitment on the bike, we are stoked to welcome the kiwi heavy hitter George Brannigan to the team in 2022.
George will be competing at all the World Cup rounds and a selection of Crankworx and other events leading his younger teammates into the season as the most experienced rider.



“I’m stoked on the opportunity with the NS BIKES UR team. They’ve been around the race scene a long time and they have only gotten stronger and more dialed with time. First ride on the bike was more than I expected so I’m pumped up to get racing and see what I can prove on the new steed with the team!”

George Grannigan



We have also asked Fabien Cousinie, Team Owner for a comment:

“George is one of the most fun rider to watch riding and racing so I'm super happy to be able to get him in the team to go chase race results and sick edit. I also think he is a perfect fit for NS bikes to show to more people how reliable and capable the bikes are!“


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