May 12 2021

Dark Fest 2021 sponsored by NS BIKES!

It is official- for the first time in the NS BIKES history, we are going to sponsor the Dark Fest event, which will take place at the end of May this year! Thanks to NS Bikes UR Team rider- Sam Reynolds, we were invited to support the 2021 edition of the most insane freeride/jump line event of the year.


"Darkfest is designed and run by the riders for the riders, highlighting the world’s best Freeriders digging and hitting the biggest jumps possible on a bike. The prizes are rider-voted and are given to the winners following a week of jam-format riding."



On the Dark Fest course located in Stellenbosch in South Africa, there will be a limited number of invited-only riders. Sam has chosen the best of the best in the game. Shredders whose names stand out of the crowd at any event worldwide. This is why we are extremely stoked to have two riders riding NS bikes up there- Sam Reynolds and Szymon Godziek.

Full rider list:
Sam Reynolds (UK)

Szymon Godziek (PL)

Clemens Kaudela (AT)

Ike Klaassen (SA)

Theo Erlangsen (SA)

Adolf Silva (ES)

Bienvenido Aguado (ES)

Sergio Layos (ES)

Kade Edwards (UK)

Kaos Seagrave (UK)

Sam Hodgson (UK)

William Robert (FR)

Vincent Tupin (FR)

Tom Isted (UK)

Louis Reboul (FR)



In the upcoming weeks, we will provide more content from Dark fest itself. By the time make sure you follow the Dark Fest Facebook and Instagram channels for the most up-to-date content from the course build and event. Stay tuned!