Riku Mertala

I’m Riku Mertala from Finland. I ride stunt bikes and I build stunt trails for my living. I come from where the hills are small but you can have a 100 runs per day. I’m now 30 years old and I’ve been riding bikes for almost 20 years, and building jumps and trails as long as riding. I started with bmx but recent years I’ve been more into mtb, mostly into freeride with DH bikes. Building big jumps is also my favourite work to do. Party trains, freeriding, going big and getting the clips is the thing in riding bikes for me. 


In the recent years I’ve had a chance to film ridding for example with these guys and projects: 

Karu MTB - Short ends

Finnish Mafia - 20 Years Later

 I’ve recently been more active in social media than longer productions, mostly on instagram.


You can check it from:

@rikumer for my riding and freetime

@ansakuoppafreeride for my work stuff (bikeparks, snowparks and events). 

In 2024 tho, we start again a bigger video production, stay tuned for Ansa & Kuoppa MTB and lifestyle movie. I already had a dirtbike and a DH bike from NS, and for the starting season I just got this NS Define 160mm / 27,5’’, which I’m gonna build to some slopenduro and freeride riding. I’m also an event producer, and one of my bigger work projects is to pull a tour of three freeride events in Finland, I’ll publish the dates and more info soon when I get a few details sorted out. Welcome for some partytrains! I’ll keep you updated. Feel free to ask if you came up with questions or feel like more details from something here.


Sendy regards - Riku Mertala