Born - 24th February, 1990 

Hometown - Dülmen, Germany 

Discipline - Freerider (MTB, Downhill, Street, Enduro, Dirt)

Sponsors - NS Bikes, Sportsnut GmbH, IXS, Evoc, Fidlock, MAXXIS Tires, Wild Cosmetics, Spank, PitViper Deutschland

2024 Rides - NS Fuzz, NS Define, NS Movement, NS Eccentric 

Nakidaii is a new face in the freeride MTB sector and an up-and-coming YouTuber. He got his first mountain bike at the age of 8 and was already doing wild tricks on it from day one. However after a long break, he is back and has a stellar career, riding, racing and producing content. He launched his YouTube channel in 2021 and managed to reach almost 10,000 subscribers within two years. He has built up an exceptionally strong community with an age range of 5-65 years.  In addition to his endless charm and humour he packs into his videos, there is also plenty of technical knowledge and, above all, bike riding to be seen. Nakidaii, aka Niko, lived up to his name last year and rode the final drop in the Greenhill Bikepark with his backside bare. He takes part in countless festivals and competitions, competing in Downhill at both Dirtmasters and Willingen Bike Festivals, where he finishes in the top 20. Nakidaii strives to test his limits and push them every day. He says: "I don't want to be better than anyone, I want to be better than yesterday." This is where entertainment and discipline collide and develop into something completely new.