Michał Topór

Born: August 27th, 1997
Hometown: Tarnów, Poland
Discipline: Cross Country/ Enduro
Sponsors: NS Bikes, VYTYV Wheels, BeCompleat, Force-Components, Wolfpack Tires, Trezado, Fidlock
2019 Rides: NS Synonym RC1, NS Metropolis 1, NS Rag 1+, Rondo HVRT CF2

A young gun within the polish cross country community, whose passion for marathon racing started at the age of 10. For the next four years he's been choosing between bikes, climbing and karting, but eventually, two wheels overcome other disciplines, which gave him enormous physical skills on the bike.


However cross country racing is his main discipline and podiums have been the goal for years, Michał is also a huge fan of the more extreme side of mountain biking- enduro, downhill, or even dirt jumping. He is one of the few XC racers to backflip on a dirt jump- proved!

Career highlights:

Polish XCM (Marathon) U23 Champion
Polish XCO National Cup Overall Winner


Polish Enduro V-ce Champion
7th place XCO World University Championships


Polish XCO U23 V-ce Champion
Polish XCO National Cup Overall Winner
22nd place XCO European Championships U23
47th place XCO World Championships U23