Sam Pilgrim Grips

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The FMBA 2013 World Tour Champion - Sam Pilgrim’s signature grips. If you would like to find out more about our champion just read the story that’s written on these grips. The grips have a great feeling, have plenty of body but remain reasonably thin. The Legend gips feature good looking push-in bar end with NS-Bikes logo. Simple, strong and light. It's thicker than most stock solutions so it should last longer. The outside diameter is slightly smaller than our grips so it won't feel uncomfortable in your palms.

Oh yeah one more thing. We know that Sam has it all. But he lacks one thing. A front tooth! So we decided to help. These grips come with his missing tooth that can be cut off and used as a great keyring.

Technical specification

Material: soft / medium compound

Diameter: 29.5mm / 1.16” diameter / medium size

Length: uncut 155mm / 6.1”, after cutting the flange 144mm / 5.65”, after cutting both sides: 133mm / 5.2

Flanges: cutting line to easy remove flanges

Extras: custom push-in NS bar ends + Sam Pilgrim's missing tooth keyring! 

Weight: ~115g + 15g NS bar-ends



Always remember to use bar ends as they can prevent fatal injuries!!!