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The Rotary single features the unique bolts from the Rotary Pro hub with hex heads. We decided to employ a female system in this hub. The steel thru-axle with nuts was replaced with a lighter and stronger oversized AL7075-T6 axle and steel bolts.


In other words this hub uses the same system that proved itself in our Rotary Single Pro rear hub. The female axle system will immobilise the wheel in the dropouts no matter what, and there is much less chance to hurt your
ankles on the bolts.


Overall, we managed to produce an incredibly light and strong hub in an economical price range.

Technical specification

Material: AL6061-T6 body, AL7075-T6 axle and cones, steel bolts

O.L.D: 135mm

Compatible with: all MTB frames (O.L.D 135 x 10mm or 3/8”)

Female oversize: female oversize axle system + side bolts this solution rules as it’s light & strong!

Hollow: AL7075-T6 axle

Sealed bearings: 4 x #6902 sealed bearings (2x main hub bearings, 2x inside driver)

Bolts: 17mm hex head and 8mm Allen hex sockets, 3/8”x24tpi thread

Sealed bearings: 10T driver with two decent sized, strong sealed bearings

Pawls: 3 pawls with 24 engagement points / each 15°

Disc brake: disc brake mount IS (International Standard / 6-bolts)

Available: in 32h version only

Weight: ~420 grams

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